About us

Mobtakeran Filter is a company that is introduced as the most proficient filter fabrics manufacturer in Iran. This company is pioneer in modern scientific and applied industrial movements which uses filter fabrics, based on the technical knowledge and experience of experts in this field. This company has found the solution of promoting efficiency of its customers' filtering systems after researches by modern developed lab facilities and believes that can accomplish this important vocation rely on its past experiences along with today scientific investments.
Our products are applied in different industries such as margarine and vegetable oils, industrial oils, water purification industries, chemical and petrochemical industries, cement and gypsum industries, porcelain and ceramics industries, sugar, glucose and dextrose industries, pharmaceutical and hygienic industries, steel, copper, lead and zinc industries. Also are applicable for the most of other industries as separator of substances from fluids. Our products play a direct and influential role on promoting the quality of our customers' products.
Our company was established in 2002. This company began its performance by realizing customers' requirements. Now, has made a great effort to convey the knowledge of filtering and filtration principles to all consumers in order for attaining better theoretical and practical concepts to utilize all of the present capacities. Founders have passed filtration courses in the country and abroad to bestow their knowledge and experiences on helping their customers to reach the best filtration quality. Moreover, our responsible and experienced staffs attend different courses due to up-to-date their knowledge regarding filter fabrics. Moving toward reach the top of filtration knowledge in order to provide the best filter cloths, is our main goal which we have found for. We are honorably looking forward to appreciate and use your profitable cooperation.